Our Priority Is to Provide a Quality Housing Experience for Anybody Who Wants to Call Morris Home

What started out as the original owner buying a duplex and living in one unit and renting out the other unit has turned into a business with multiple single and multiple family homes, along with a storage unit and a downtown commercial unit. All the owners have once been tenants themselves and strive to have great communication and trust with the tenants.

Tony & Cate Schultz are small business owners here in Morris who love serving the community they are growing and raising their family in! Tony was born and raised in Morris and Cate a UMN Morris Alumni, their hearts are tied to this community and they are passionate about the opportunities and success of this small town that they love so much.

Mike and Dani Kangas are both real estate agents, Mike specializing in Land (Hunting Land Mike) and Dani specializing in homes and commercial properties. Dani grew up in Morris and now they are raising their kiddo in Morris. They love adventure and getting outside as much as they can! 
The Schultz Family
The Kangas Family

We Have Residental Rentals, Storage Units, & Commercial Properties