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Please refer to each listing to see if pets are eligible.

If the property allows pets, an additional $250 refundable damage deposit is required for each pet prior to moving in as well as updated documentation from the pet’s Veterinarian. If you have a service animal, a signed note from your medical doctor is required by mail to Priority Investments, LLC as well as updated documentation from the pet’s veterinarian.  

The tenant will have to pay their refundable damage deposit when they move in, which will be held by Priority Investments LLC until the lease has ended and the tenant has moved out. Priority Investments has 3 weeks from the date the lease ends to return the damage deposit based on the condition the property was left in. Weeks before the tenant moves out, Priority Investments, LLC will send a cleaning and move-out checklist to the tenant to set them up for success to receive their full damage deposit back.

The current tenant will be responsible for finding a sublessor — the sublessor would need to go through all of the appropriate application steps like the current tenant did and the sublessor will need to be approved by the landlord.  The current tenant will not be returned their damage deposit and the sublessor is still responsible for their own damage deposit.  A walk-through with the current tenant and landlord is required before the sublessor can move into the property. If the current tenant is unable to find a sublessor, the current tenant is responsible for seeing out their lease agreement to the end of its term. 

Find a listing that meets your needs, fill out the application and schedule a showing. Contact your professional references and let them know they can be expecting a call from us. Examples of professional references: Previous landlord, current employer, professor, etc. 

$50 – off rent each month if you do your own snow removal (includes driveway, sidewalks in front and side of the house, walkways around the house)
$50 – off rent each month if you do your own lawn care (Includes mowing, leaf pick up, branch removal)